Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Nature Mandala Meditation

Image by Tania Franco

I guide a women's healing circle which we have lovingly started calling our Soulful Sunday group. In this class we explore creating greater peace and happiness through yoga, meditation, energy medicine, tapping, focusing, mindfulness, journaling, story telling, art/play therapy and more.

I love mandalas (you may have noticed) and I had always wanted to make a nature mandala, but had not gotten around to do it. On recent Soulful Sunday meetings we decided to meet outdoors and it occurred to me that it would be a great opportunity to finally take a shot at a nature mandala. We headed towards a park near the beach and created this beautiful nature mandala that is shown in the picture above.

The whole process was relaxing, fun, energizing and creative.

Without speaking much after the initial instructions, we were able to have personal reflective time while walking and looking for objects and silently bonding when creating the mandala together.

The whole process felt very harmonious to me and brought me much peace. Each of the members of the group reported having similar experiences.

Here are some pros of making a nature mandala:

- You are in nature, which is relaxing in itself.
- You go on a mini treasure hunt (that can double as a walking meditation)
- You gather beautiful objects (some things are beautiful and others, you get to discover their beauty)
- You work in a group
- You create art that is outside the box
- When you are done... you let it go.

This is fun and relaxing activity and I can't wait to do one with my family. Next time you are in nature, whether you are alone or accompanied, try it! I think you'll find the whole process uplifting.

Tania Franco

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