Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My Favorite Yoga Poses Right Now

Images by Dante Morales and Edgar A. Morales

There have been different times in my life in which certain yoga poses resonate more with me than others. I have been practicing yoga for 17 years, so I have gone through many phases.

When I first started, Tree Pose and Warrior II fascinated me.

With Tree Pose I could work towards having greater balance. The more I practiced this position I gained more balance and it felt like it could spill over into the rest of my life. I felt great hope each time I held it for a couple of breaths longer.

In Warrior II I connected with an inner strength I had not felt in years, or ever. It brought me in contact with my personal power. It was thrilling.

I went through enamored phases with Child's Pose, Camel, Supported Shoulder Stand, Wheel pose and many more, and what I realized was that my body would let me know which were the poses I needed most. I tried to listen and incorporated them into my regular practice.

 Right now my favorite yoga poses are Headstand, Dancer's and Monkey Pose.

Headstand is known as the king of yoga poses and has many mental and physical benefits. I am interested in it because for years I feared it and consciously chose not to do it. I even had an Ashtanga yoga teacher coax me many times into doing it in spite of my whining. I am now fascinated with it because I have lost the fear of it... sort of. Don't get me wrong, it isn't easy. But every time I manage to do a headstand I feel like I can conquer my goals, or at least take a step closer to achieving them.

Dancer's Pose feels like I am venerating life in the most graceful way. I feel joyful and deeply grateful when I practice this pose.

I enjoy hip openers because I feel like I am cleaning out negative memories and feelings from my body whenever I do them. It is believed that painful feelings are held in the hips. Monkey Pose (split) is a very challenging hip opening pose, but each time I do it I can find a way to relax into it. I'll admit to be a bit surprised and in awe of my body whenever I do this pose.

I find it amazing that I can fall in love with yoga over and over again, and always discover something new through my practice. I wonder what pose I will cherish next.

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