Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Family Yoga Gratitude

The Morales-Franco Gang in Tree Pose

Yoga has been my saving grace. It has helped me learn to like being alone with myself. Through my 17 year practice I have found I can create a sense of inner peace within me.

I feel grateful that I can share such a beautiful practice with my family. We try to attend a weekly family yoga class where we can bring our very active 6 year old. It's fun and relaxing at the same time. Well... most of the time. I still have to get over that a 6 year old boy will act like a 6 year old boy, even at yoga.

Gratitude creates happiness. What are you grateful for today?

Tania Franco

Practical Gratitude

Image by Tania Franco

Practicing gratitude regularly has brought me much happiness. When I realized that I had thousands of things to be thankful for, it put things into perspective.

I want to post what I am grateful for regularly as a means of inspiring myself but also to inspire others in realizing that everyone has many blessings throughout their day.

A regular gratitude practice has been linked to increased happiness, better health and a deeper spirituality.

Today I am grateful for Edgar's, my husband, continual efforts in organizing our home. The above picture shows part of a shelf filled with containers that store different ingredients (protein powder, chia, flax seeds, etc.) that are used regularly in our household. He really knows how to beautify a space and make it as practical as possible.

Gratitude creates happiness. What are you grateful for?

Tania Franco