Thursday, October 24, 2013

Meditation Isn't Perfect: Letting go of the Ideal Scenario (40 Day Meditation Challenge Day #15)

Mandala by Tania Franco

I relaxed and enjoyed making a mandala so much a few days ago that I decided to practice another mandala meditation. 
This time using a pre-designed mandala from a mandala coloring book.

I have adult and children mandala coloring books at home. As a mother, I find it to be a great way to introduce a child to the concept of meditation. 

Mandala means circle in Sanskrit. It is a spiritual and ritual symbol that represents the universe. Creating, coloring or observing a mandala is an ancient way of meditating.

I spent 20 minutes meditating. The phone rang, my son awoke and went back to sleep ( nap time), I moved from the dining room to my room. It wasn't an ideal setting. But isn't life that way? I love silence and enjoy having things unfold exactly as I plan them yet it is important to be able to relax through change, through awkward situations. 

What did I do? I breathed and let it go. Breathed again and let the next thing go. I sound super easy going but in reality this "simple" act of letting go, which isn't as simple, occurred due to practicing meditation for the last 15 years. Here is where I see the fruit of my labor.

Years ago all these little nuances would have ruined my experience. All those years of sitting and doing nothing, I was achieving so much.

I must say that motherhood has taught me to let go of the ideal scenario. I have learned to practice yoga with Caillou as my background music ( children's educational cartoon), do sun salutations having a child swinging/jumping/tickling me, and meditated the other night with my son staring at me (he was able to be very quiet).

So in reality, it was about 30 minutes or more since the moment I began to meditate and finished coloring my mandala.

I didn't feel as relaxed as I do after other meditations but I must say I did sense my body a bit more relaxed than when I started. And to be honest, got more out of this experience because I chose to recommit so many times through the practice.

Let go of the ideal scenario. Meditation isn't perfect. Many times imperfection can be the best teacher. 

Tania Franco

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