Saturday, October 12, 2013

Easy Meditaiton: Counting Your Breaths (40 Day Meditation Challenge Day #5)

Mandala Colored by Tania Franco

Today I chose a simple counting meditation. As I breathed in and out I counted. I would get up into the 30's and begin to count again. How this technique is usually recommended is that you count and when you get distracted you begin your count all over again. I do not do it this way. I have found that making meditation less stressful actually helps people relax much more. So anything that implies a lacking or inability to do something right is usually counterproductive.

I set the intention to meditate between 5-7 minutes. I was pleasantly surprised to have meditated 13 minutes.

When I begin to meditate I usually notice that tension arises and after a few deep breaths my shoulders loosen and my breath deepens. I place my tongue on the roof of my mouth. It helps release tension in the jaw which is where most people hold it. I sit in half lotus pose because it is comfortable in my body and I place my hands on my knees palms facing upward.

I had a full day filled with learning, new activities and socializing so my mind was less active than usual, I was able to have many more moments of silence . I think it is best to practice yoga, go for a walk, exercise or practice Energy Medicine exercises before meditating. It sets you up for greater peace and relaxation.

I did have fleeting thoughts but they were uneventful. My body enjoyed sitting in silence. Silence feels like a luxury since becoming a mom so I tend to savor it when I can. I did notice that when I feel good I like to move my face towards the sky and imagine the sun shining on it. This imagery supports me in feeling happier and grateful for the present moment.

This is another way to meditate. What's important is to find what works for you and to practice that.

Tania Franco

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