Sunday, November 18, 2012

Diaphragmatic Breathing Video

Dear Reader,

I am really excited to be uploading "Practicing the Art of Happiness" first video blog. Would love to have been 20lbs. lighter but I guess you'll have to tune in to see how I subtly loose them as you watch the different videos I will be posting in the following months.

I am able to share such beneficial material thanks to my Producer, Editor and Graphic Designer who also happens to be my lovely husband, Edgar A. Morales.

We will be working on improving the quality of our videos and learning as we go along. But before we become experts, we will be "practicing".

I hope you enjoy the material and recommend that you give yourself the opportunity of experiencing the different techniques and make them part of your personal wellness toolbox.

From my heart,

Tania Franco


  1. I like the video a lot, very clear and engaging. You also happen to look great!

    1. Thank you for the feedback, Sadia.
      Our intention is to make the video entries short and concise.
      I truly appreciate that you take the time to give me feedback and even more so because I value your opinion very much.